What Is Fitness Bike

The recumbent cycle (fitness bike) is the “classic” aerobic apparatus for beginners. The main muscles activated are: gluteals, quadriceps, femoral biceps, gastrocnemius, and soleus. 

The digital display on the apparatus provides feedback on calories burnt, duration of activity, and distance. Exercisers can choose from a number of programs that offer variety and personal tailoring. If the computerized feedback provided by the apparatus is reliable, work has to be maintained at sixty to eighty revolutions per minute (rpm).

If the exerciser deviates from the recommended speed range, the rpm light flashes. Due to load on the quadriceps, beginning exercisers may experience local fatigue in the thigh area, causing them to end the activity before the cardiovascular system becomes the limiting factor. 

It is therefore advisable to reduce speed and resistance, if necessary, but to continue with the activity. 

Advantages of the apparatus 

The back rest provides lower back support and significant reduction of load on the stabilizing muscles in contrast to a stationary cycle. 

Disadvantages of the apparatus More expensive than stationary bikes. 

It is important to warm up before or during the selected program. Make sure pulse returns gradually to normal at the end of the selected program.